Saturday, January 6, 2007

Welcome to ID 243

Hello everyone! I'm sure many of you are soaking up your last few days of "free" time or "making money" time before school starts back. I'm excited to be teaching ID 243 this semester and I am working on making it an exciting semester for you.

I am in the process of planning a trip to NYC!! However, I am still working out the details and keeping my fingers crossed that we can make this a reality. Right now I am working on the pricing which would include Airfare, hotel, and transportation from the airport. The trip would take place either the third or the last weekend in March (either 3/21-3/25 or 3/28-4/01). It would be on a Wednesday thru Sunday. As of right now, it looks like the 5 day/ 4 night trip would cost about $500 (give or take- hopefully "take"). I would like to know if this is an outrageous price for you. This price would be for a relatively "cool" hotel in the theatre district near Times Square (and other great places). FYI: the less desirable hotels are only about $50 less per person, but will be pursued more heavily if this price is too high. I can give you more information as we get the price negotiated.

What I would like for you to do prior to class is (1) create an account (for this blog) (2) post a comment to this topic telling me if this is "do-able" for you or not. Please be advised, this is NOT a vote. I will do everything I can to get the price lower so that everyone will be able to go. However, if you feel that you do not have the money available to travel, that is fine. However, please consider this amazing opportunity to discover a city full of wonderful design, history, and culture!

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