Monday, April 16, 2007

Contemporary Design_part II by Kelly Stevens

In the design world today, there are several different "directions" in which modernism is taking. Previously, the international style has been the most prevalent theme seen in modern design after World War II due to the spread and developments of air travel, making country to country travel take only hours. Communication has developed through the use of internet and other devices which make communication easier and faster no matter what the distance. This caused more influences to be seen world wide. However, now other sub-styles are beginginng to emerge conerning modernism: Hi Tech, Post-modernism, revival of tradition, and Late modernism. My question is this: in the future, which one of these "sub-styles" do you see becoming the more dominant theme to be used? Do you think international style will still be the most prevalent, or because of the fast developing technology that in the future all design will become high-tech based? Or, have we already stretched modernism out too far and feel the need to return to traditional modified classic styles? Because design is such a broader and more in demand occupation these days, will there be no over-riding theme to unify the term "contemporary", but instead just have a hodge-podge of individual styles?
-Kelley Stevens

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